App Review Management

There is fierce competition between mobile apps. Acquiring customers online is not easy. Reviews are a major deciding factor which is viewed as a commitment to quality. It is a key indicator that compels the user to download and install the app.

Our app review management is here to let you get authentic and new reviews as well as manage them. In short, our app review management services let your clients boost your marketing efforts.

App reviews are believed to be social proof which is why users trust them. It makes a good first impression and replying to user reviews builds loyalty. Gathering bug fixes and feature requests from the customer directly and rectifying the same shows you care.

A positive rating thus translates to a successful mobile app market strategy. If your app rates less than 3 stars or has no reviews, then users are only going to browse through it without downloading or using it.

App Review Management App Thus:

How Does It Work


Sending SMS and email to clients to share positive or negative sentiment optimized and funneled for the landing page.


One stop for all reviews. Get notifications for new reviews and respond to them all from a single place.


Measure what your customers demand. Understand your performance with time to rank yourself against your competitors.


Drive trust and sales by showing the best reviews on the website, search engine results, and social media pages.

What Do You Get From Us?

Our app review management company gets you

Satisfied clients

Engaged clients who are heard makes them valued which in turn develops brand loyalty.

Increases sales

Happy clients with better exposure means more sales and business growth.

More Reviews

Clients write a review only when asked for.

How Do We Help You

Through our app review management company India get notified when you get a new review and reply to the review with the reply templates. Get new feature ideas and increase user engagement on your app.

We Take Security Seriously

The password and credentials are stored securely.

We accept payments through secured gateways. The PCI compliance is found on the security pages.

We ensure a 99.9% uptime.

All the data sent to or from us is encrypted as per industry standard encryption.

Our data and services are hosted securely.

Team Up With Our Experts

Our experts offer customized services and strategies to help you get an increase in app downloads which in turn scales your user base. So rush to get our comprehensive app review management 2021 services.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Our app review services with its automation and integrations save many hours for your team. New reviews are altered in real-time so your team can connect with users in real-time. All your team members are connected with the review no matter which country your customer base is located in. Also, save yourself from translator apps since we translate the reviews for you.

Our services let you measure the user sentiment trends, star rating, and review volume. So you are aware of what users think about the changes made in your app. Our app reviews also carry out sentiment analysis. Review classification will group the reviews as per the topic or tags. It is possible to customize reporting with dashboards that make data sharing easy. Access your app reviews and integrate with every system that you desire.

We let you reply to the critical reviews easily and quickly to connect better with your clients. You are also free to manage who can reply to the reviews. Since we let you reply to the reviews through a single account so it is easy to respond to users faster. Our auto-translation services save you time. Do you wish to measure the impact of your replies and how it is affecting your rating? We offer an advanced reporting feature to quantify how your replies to the reviews are helping you.

Understand the sentiment and feedback of your users and make a faster and better decision. This lets you make data-driven choices and in turn, gives you a clear growth path. Track how the customers respond to app improvements that you have made, as soon as you release the update. Every app owner dreams of a robust and bug-free app. The early customer warning sign lets you monitor the bug reports which ensures that you keep your app stable and meet user expectations. Your entire team gets a rating visibility which lets the appropriate team take the necessary steps. Understanding the users better lets you work on the improvements faster and drive your star rating up.