8 Tips to Develop an E-commerce Store

For an e-commerce brand, representing its identity and core values with authenticity is of utmost importance. It not only helps to impress the first-time website visitors, but it also assists with developing a strong, continuing relationship with the buyers. Invest enough time and effort towards branding for your e-commerce store and your reward will be happier customers and more sales. Let’s look at some key tips through which you can build an online store that perfectly expresses the individuality and essence of your brand.  

Get the overall visual appeal right

The visuals of your e-commerce store should be captivating enough to hold the attention of store visitors. They’re a powerful tool; when used the right way they can help convey your brand message clearly and effectively to the audience. So, an out-of-the-box approach is essential to get this aspect right. 

The logo is the most important component of all the visual elements. You’ll need to think about various factors like the right font and colors for the logo, whether you want something simple or fancy, how big or small the logo should be, etc. Additionally, even aspects like the color palette and font type for your website text contribute towards establishing your brand style.

Explain what you’re doing different

A part of the process of building your brand identity is showing customers the unique capabilities of your e-commerce brand. Your online store’s differentiating aspect could be extra fast shipping, a one-of-a-kind range of products, great discounts, etc. You want to be recognized for such noteworthy attributes so that when customers are looking for these specific factors, say for instance a particular type of product or quick delivery, they’ll know just where to go.

Come up with a tagline that leaves a mark

Think of a creative tagline, to go with your brand name, that immediately clicks with the audience. An impressive tagline can contribute significantly to your branding efforts. To make your tagline distinct and unforgettable, you could think about a special purpose that you want to fulfill or a unique quality that satisfies customers’ expectations, and this may give you some ideas. You don’t need to fit several words into your tagline, just something short that’s sincere and heart-touching.

Use content smartly to showcase who you’re

When potential buyers arrive at your store for the first time, they come with a lot of curiosity, wanting to know everything about your brand. Content is how you communicate with your audience, giving them brand-related information that they’re seeking. Therefore, whether it’s your website text or blog articles, the contents on your e-commerce website play a huge role in branding. This isn’t just restricted to the written content; it also extends to the visual content like videos and images. 

The content on your e-commerce store should be relevant, engaging, and valuable. But, most of all, the tone of the content should be in sync with your brand’s personality. Instead of opting for generic and overused words to describe yourself, your mission, or your product/service, add your personal touch to the way you portray your brand.

Focus extra on your “About Us” page

You might be tempted to focus all your energy on making your product pages better and prettier, but you shouldn’t overlook the significance of the “About Us” page in your store’s branding. This page provides you the space to tell the customers about your brand in more depth. Use this opportunity to explain the beginning of your brand, your brand mission and values, and any other information that buyers might find fascinating. If you like, you can even use a short video to narrate your story on this page. The primary idea is to attract customers not just towards the products that you’re selling, but also towards your brand persona.

Let your customers know a little about your team

A great way to exhibit the human side of your brand is by allowing customers to get a little acquainted with the brains behind the brand. Just like the “About Us” page, sharing a bit about your team also helps in strengthening an emotional connection with the customers. Tell your customers about the employees working at important positions within the company, emphasizing your employees’ passion for the brand. You don’t have to give a very detailed profile of your employees, only succinct and relevant information along with maybe their photos. 

Display great reviews from customers on the website

What your existing customers think of your brand can help reinforce all the good things that you’re trying to tell your audience through branding. Great testimonials can serve as excellent advocates for you, enabling you to solidify the brand image that you want to convey. Let people see happy customers endorsing the qualities and values of your brand, by displaying such customers’ positive reviews on your site. 

Keep trying to understand your customers better

Your customers are an important factor when it comes to your brand identity. Only by truly understanding your target customers, you can create a brand persona that appeals to them, and know how you can match their expectations through your core values. Whether you’re in the initial stages of launching your e-commerce brand or you’ve been in the business for a while now, you must always be aware of the needs of the intended buyers. 

Remember that customers’ needs keep evolving with time. From the feedback you receive from customers to the analytics of your website, use various sources to keep updating your understanding of your customers. This will enable you to reinvent your brand from time to time, such that you’re in touch with the customers’ current demands. 


A well-established brand identity paves the way for an e-commerce store to be successful. It not only helps with driving more sales, but it also helps with earning devoted customers. Hence, you must have a great strategy that enables your e-commerce website to emerge as an impactful brand. Consult the team at InstaVix to know how you can effectively represent your brand in your online store. 

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