It’s always fun to listen to a good, heart-touching story. As a brand, you can leverage the magic of storytelling to charm your audience. We’re talking about your brand story, a story that neatly encompasses different aspects of your brand. Having an engrossing brand story is quite essential for your digital branding. Before we get into how to create a brand story, let’s understand what a brand story is.

What does a brand story mean?

A brand story is a combination of many components which need to be pieced together seamlessly. The goal of a brand story is to evoke positive emotions within your audience. To do that, you need to outline a clear, comprehensive picture of your brand. In your story, you should answer meaningful questions like:

  • How did your business come into existence?
  • What was the inspiration behind starting the business?
  • How has been your brand journey like so far, any noteworthy milestones worth sharing?
  • Who are the people closely engaged with the business?
  • What is the purpose that motivates your brand and its offerings?
  • What plans/goals do you have for the future, and where do your customers figure into this big picture?
  • What values are close to your heart, principles that your brand strongly believes in?
  • What makes you proud and passionate about your offerings?

When you have the relevant answers, you need to weave them all together in the form of an interesting story. A brand without a compelling story may find it difficult to form a deeper connection with its audience. After all, people want to hear something about you that they can relate to. When you put forward your brand story, you’re giving your audience the chance to discover and understand what’s special about you. 

How to write a fascinating brand story that engages your audience completely?

  • Keep your story customer-focused

While it’s a story about your brand, it can’t just be about you only. You always have to remember who you’re writing this story for, your audience! Your customers are your focal point. Everything in your story, from your brand mission to your brand history, should revolve around this focal point. If you’re talking about your brand mission or your products/services, explain how your customers stand to benefit from them. If you’re getting into your brand history, demonstrate how you’ve grown over time while helping your customers. When your customers see themselves as an integral part of your brand story, they’ll have a reason to care about your brand.

  • Capture emotions naturally in your storytelling 

If you want your brand story to leave a solid impact, then explore the emotional theme that you want to create with the story. You want your audience to relate with your brand not just on an intellectual level, but on an emotional level too. This means you can’t be just stating facts and data in the story. You have to think about the sentiments you want your audience to experience when they read your story. The emotions you want to inspire could be that of happiness, confidence, motivation, assurance, love, or anything else that’s relevant to your brand and offerings. Just be as effortless and natural as possible in capturing the appropriate emotions.

  • Don’t make your story too lengthy or complicated

When it comes to telling an effective brand story, more words or complexity isn’t necessarily better. A story that’s too long or complex to read and comprehend might dampen the interest of the target audience. Embrace simplicity and conciseness in your brand story, so that it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes for your audience to know and understand you. 

Prioritize the information that you have, some things may be more important to tell than others. So, decide which details make up the most important aspects of your brand story and therefore deserve to be highlighted within the story. Identify and remove any weak points in the story, anything that isn’t adding much value.

  • Plan how you want to share your story  

With a brand story, it’s not just about what you say, it’s also about how you say it. This means figuring out the best way to communicate the brand story that you’ve so thoughtfully created. There are various ways to go about sharing the story. The “About Us” section on your website is a great place to showcase your story. You could strategize and share your brand story via social media. For instance, you could divide your story into parts and then come up with a schedule for sharing these parts gradually over time. You could develop video content around your brand story.

  • Show that you’ve got the solution

One most likely question that any customer reading through your brand story will have in mind would be, what’s in it for me? We’ve discussed keeping your customer in the focus while writing the brand story from start to finish. But, there’s even more for you to do on this front if you want to create an impressive and engaging story for the readers.

If you haven’t already, do thorough research into the different pain points of your target audience. Determine the kind of issues that they’re facing. Next, determine what kind of solutions they’re expecting. Once you’ve understood the challenges as well as expectations of your potential customers, you can leverage these insights in preparing your brand story. Let your customers know that you’re well-aware of their difficulties and that you’re well-equipped with the solution that offers relief from these difficulties.


Writing a powerful brand story to share with your audience requires a diligent understanding of your brand and your target audience. Your brand story should bring all the pieces together, thus making perfect sense to the customers reading it. From creating your uniquely wonderful brand story to presenting it innovatively for the greatest impact, the digital branding service of InstaVix is there with you at each step, helping you solidify your brand’s digital presence. 

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