In the media and in organizational behavior textbooks, the phrase “perceptions matter more than reality” is frequently used. Furthermore, we see how marketers and branding professionals frequently engage in perception management, in which they create a favorable environment for their items to be sold in the market.

So if you wish to incorporate a beneficial multiplier into all of your marketing efforts, Perception management, on the other hand, may work wonders for you. It distinguishes great companies from those that are merely excellent.

Perception management is also known as a propaganda technique that carefully reshapes/revamps/reconstructs the target market’s/niche’s/audiences’ perceptions in order to achieve the intended goal or obtain favourable results.

In this piece, we’ll look at how modern organisations employ perception management and how critical it is to their success. So, let’s get started.


What is perception management? Where and why is it used? The phrase “perception management” was coined by the United States military as part of their Psyops programme. In this case, the target group/community/society/audience is provided (or withheld) selected information in order to influence their sentiments, mental processes, and behavioural reasoning, and to channel a change in their behaviour that is most beneficial to the sponsors. US Branch of Defense says- “Perception Management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations.”

‘Perception management,’ according to the US Department of Defense (DOD), means an act done to transmit or suppress information, as well as methods used to affect foreign people’s emotions and intentions.

Perception management is crucial when it comes to maximising a brand’s visibility, reach, relationships, and conversions by establishing the correct perceptions. Let us understand this more lucidly-

What is Brand Perception Management?

Managing a brand’s perceptions entails understanding what motivates its owners. It should also be applied to the brand’s objective and purpose. Overall, it has to do with establishing favourable brand perceptions in the target niche in order to get favourable results. Perception control abilities are critical for determining how people see you. It is largely used to manage the organization’s reputation among audiences, stakeholders, and the general public.

If we read what Abraham Lincoln once said-“Public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed”, we can understand the importance of Perception Management.

Perception management enables a company or leader to gain positive public perception.

How Does Digital Branding help in Brand Perception

Customers have a tendency to form particular perceptions before acquiring or experiencing items and services. They look for information about a product or service on the internet nowadays. Customers arrive at a conclusion for the purchase choice process based on internet presence and ratings, primarily from Google. As a result, forming an impression prior to purchasing is critical for a company’s success. This is where Digital Branding plays a crucial role in creating a good perception in the minds of the targeted customers.

The company can engage with customers more simply and efficiently thanks to its digital presence. Customers have issues, and they frequently offer varied recommendations and evaluations. It is critical for the company to react to these inquiries, and the digital marketing platform facilitates this process.

Doing digital branding across many platforms makes communication more efficient and results-oriented, which aids in better managing consumer perception. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms make it easier to reach a bigger audience, making it easier to position your brand and stories and interact with people more effectively.

Customer perception development aids in the Redefining of brand awareness and image aids in customer perception of your brand and vice versa. It’s an indefinite loop, break the loop and all hell breaks loose for your brand.

A Few Tips for that we think will be effective for Brand Perception Management that you can carry for your Business via Digital Branding keeping in mind for creating positive perception in the mind of the targeted audience:

1. Building A Reality: You are the only one who can decide what people should consider “real” and what they should not. To put it another way, you create a new ‘real’ that is separate from reality. Are you aware that certain well-known international corporations use paid reviewers to write product reviews? What a masterful use of perception control. They are well aware that reviews are relied upon by more than 70% of purchasers.

2. Do not Create a Far Fetched Reality: Imagine selling a bag of chips that appears to be full but is empty when opened. You’ll undoubtedly lose more than half of your clients. People will grumble if the packet only includes a handful of chips, but once they taste excellent, they will return to buy more. However, if they don’t discover the chips, there’s no way they’ll be able to consume these! As a result, carefully plan your perception management. Do not go to great lengths to deceive others.

3. The First Impression is the Last Impression: Although it is easy to fall in love at first sight and believe that first impressions are the best impressions, we must keep in mind that for long-term benefits and sustainable relationships, we must not only generate strong perceptions but also strengthen them through reality-based actions, resulting in a positive sequence of action, feedback, and reinforcement that leads to more sustainability.


Thus to conclude the whole topic we can say Perception Management is the process of determining how others should interpret and be influenced by your activities. It’s also the process of attentively reading, watching, and analysing the acts of others. Success will be right on your doorstep after you’ve mastered the art of perception control, and the most effective way to create a positive Brand Perception is through the way of Digital Branding considering the current post pandemic scenarios. 

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